GL120 – Linux Fundamentals



About the course

The GL120 is a challenging course that focuses on the fundamental tools and concepts of Linux and Unix. Students gain proficiency using the command line.

Beginners develop a solid foundation in Unix, while advanced users discover patterns and fill in gaps in their knowledge.

Like all Guru Labs courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience.

Course Details

  • Course Ref: GL120
  • Course Duration: 5 days
  • Course Location: Virtual Classroom
  • Course Dates: TBC
  • Course Price: £1,995 (Excl VAT)


  • What is linux?
  • Login and exploration
  • The linux filesystem
  • Manipulating files
  • Shell basics
  • Archiving and compression
  • Text processing
  • Regular expressions
  • Text editing
  • Messaging
  • Command shells
  • Introduction to shell scripting
  • Process management and job control
  • At and cron
  • Managing software
  • The secure shell (ssh)
  • Mounting filesystems & managing removable media
  • Printing
  • The x window system
  • Emacs

Course Outline