My Azure Upskilling Journey: From Quick Fix to Infrastructure- Dylan Knight- Aspire Technology Solutions

Published: 22 April 2024

A Solid Foundation
With over four years of experience in IT, primarily in internal support roles, I had a strong foundation to build upon. However, I realized that to truly progress in my career, I needed to expand my knowledge into cloud-based solutions. That’s when I decided to take the plunge and enroll in the Azure AZ-104 course offered by the University of Sunderland and MTC Training.

Balancing Work and Study
Juggling work and study was no easy feat, but I was determined to make it happen. During my downtime at work, I would dive into Microsoft Learn resources and Udemy video courses. After work hours, I dedicated myself to studying, ensuring I was fully prepared for the course.

The Azure AZ-104 Experience
The Azure AZ-104 course itself was an amazing experience. The instructor was knowledgeable, patient, and ensured that everyone could keep up with the pace. The hands-on labs were invaluable, allowing me to get my hands dirty and truly understand the intricacies of Azure infrastructure. Even after the course ended, I had access to multiple labs, which I utilized to solidify my understanding.

Career Progression
The knowledge I gained from the Azure AZ-104 course proved to be a game-changer. Initially, when I attended the course, I was still part of the Quick Fix team at Aspire. However, the skills I acquired played a crucial role in helping me secure a promotion to the Infrastructure Team – a role I had been actively pursuing.

My Current Role
In my current role as part of the Infrastructure Team, I handle a variety of tickets related to server and site outages, routine maintenance, and implementing systems to enforce company policies. The knowledge from the Azure course has been invaluable, enabling me to tackle tasks that were previously outside of my skill set.

Impact on Aspire
As an additional Microsoft Certified Engineer on site, I’m proud to say that my learnings have had a positive impact on Aspire Technology Solutions. My acquired expertise has allowed me to contribute effectively to the company’s operations, providing valuable support and solutions.

Future Aspirations
This is just the beginning of my journey. I plan to keep pushing myself, continuously learning and growing. My ultimate goal is to progress into a Senior or Third Line role within the next couple of years, further solidifying my position as a cloud infrastructure expert.

Advice for Fellow Professional

If you’re considering upskilling in the tech industry, my advice would be to fully immerse yourself in the hands-on labs and supplement them with relevant Microsoft Learn articles. This approach provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the exam’s focus areas and the nuances of specific systems, setting me up for success.

My experience at the University of Sunderland and MTC Training has been nothing short of exceptional. The course not only equipped me with valuable skills but also opened doors to new opportunities within Aspire Technology Solutions. I’m grateful for the support and resources provided, and I encourage anyone seeking to upskill in cloud technology to take advantage of the fantastic programs offered by these institutions.