TOMC- Apache Tomcat Administration ( 25/03/2024 )



Apache Tomcat Administration Course Overview:

This Apache Tomcat Administration course is designed to equip participants with essential skills for the installation and management of the Tomcat Web Container, up to version 9. The hands-on training not only covers the configuration of the Tomcat Web Container but also provides practical insights into deploying and monitoring Java Enterprise Edition web applications. Participants will learn to configure Tomcat to seamlessly collaborate with the Apache Web Server and integrate with third-party databases. The course delves into troubleshooting, tuning, logging, and explores high availability concepts, including clustering and load balancing.

Course Objectives:

The primary objectives of this Apache Tomcat Administration course are:
– To impart the skills required for the installation, configuration, management, deployment, and understanding of the core aspects of Apache Tomcat.

Who will the Course Benefit?

This course is specifically tailored for:
– Application server administrators seeking comprehensive knowledge in Apache Tomcat administration.
– Developers and system administrators aiming to enhance their understanding of deployment and administration with Tomcat.


To derive maximum benefit from this course, participants should meet the following prerequisites:
– Good operating system knowledge, equivalent to the level covered in our Linux Introduction course or a similar Windows course.
– While no prior knowledge of Tomcat is necessary, participants should come from a relevant technical background.
– Some awareness of internet architectures and protocols is assumed.

Course Highlights:

Throughout the course, participants will engage in practical exercises and examples, providing hands-on experience with the following techniques:
– Installation and configuration of Apache Tomcat.
– Management and deployment of Java Enterprise Edition web applications.
– Integration of Tomcat with the Apache Web Server and third-party databases.
– Troubleshooting, tuning, and logging.
– High availability concepts such as clustering and load balancing.

By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to proficiently manage Apache Tomcat and its associated components, making them valuable assets in the field of application server administration.

Course Details

  • Course Ref: TOMC
  • Course Duration: 3 Days
  • Course Location: Virtual Classroom
  • Course Dates: 25—28 March 2024
  • Course Price: £1560+VAT