Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 2



About the course

  • Customise your presentations
  • Working with objects
  • Advanced working with drawing tools
  • Enhancing the overall look of presentations
  • Creating slide show animations
  • PowerPoint on the Web
  • Macros
  • Sharing and Co-authoring

Audience Profile

PowerPoint 2016 is a powerful presentations application, which allows the user to create intuitive presentations for paper, screen or web output.

Course Details

  • Course Ref: MSP2016L2
  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Course Location: Virtual Classroom
  • Course Dates: 5 September 2023—23 July 2024
  • Course Price: £195+VAT


1: Customising PowerPoint
Customising PowerPoint 2016
How to change the default format of the blank presentation
How to change the Default Language Setting
How to change the default Display options
How to change the default Spelling options
How to change Presentation Properties and Information
How to change the default Save and changing Default Folder options
About the Quick Access Toolbar
How to customize the Quick Access Toolbar:
Add-in programs
How to Load an add-in program
How to unload an add-in program

2: Working with Objects
How to insert a Table
How to insert rows/Columns
How to delete rows/columns
How to merge Cells
How to add Borders
How to Colour a Table
Sorting a table in PowerPoint
Organisation Charts
How to insert an Organisation Chart
How to edit an Organisation Chart
Inserting New SmartArt Elements
Deleting Shapes
How to convert a box from one type to another
How to change shape border and border colour
How to change the Fill Colour of a Shape
Creating Charts
How to insert a Chart
Editing the Chart
How to change the Chart Type
How to change Chart Attributes
How to insert an Excel Worksheet

3: Drawing Tools
Drawing Options
Drawn objects have attributes, just like other objects.
Drawing Shapes
How to draw circles, squares, and Auto Shapes
How to change the Fill Colour of a shape
How to change the fill effect of a shape
How to change the line border and border colour of a shape
Editing shapes
How to resize a shape
How to type text in a shape
Group and Ungroup Objects
Group objects
Ungroup objects

4: Controlling the Overall Look
Presentation Designs
How to apply a Design Theme
How to apply a Theme and Variant colour scheme to a presentation
How to create a custom colour scheme for your slides
How to add a Textured or Picture Background to your slides
How to add a Patterned Background to your slides
Working with Slide Masters
How to view Slide Masters
Make a slide that differs from the slide master
Make an object appear on every slide in the presentation
Templates and Themes
How to Open an Existing Template
How to create your own Template
How to Download a Template

5: Slide Shows
Viewing a Presentation
Normal view
PowerPoint Example of Normal View
Outline View
PowerPoint Example of Outline View
Slide Sorter View
PowerPoint Example of Slide Sorter View
Notes View
PowerPoint Example of Notes Page View
Reading View
PowerPoint Example of Slide Sorter View
Running Slideshows
Running the show
Continuous loop
Hidden slide
Keyboard control
Build slide
Electronic Presentations
Hints for creating and running slide shows
Animating slides
How to apply Transition effects to a Slide
How to add Animations to a slide
How to set slide timings while rehearsing
How to run a slide show
Write or draw (annotate) on slides during a slide show
Erase annotations during a slide show
Magnify areas of slides during a slide show
How to create a loop Slide Show
Package for CD
Prepare a presentation for use on another computer

6: PowerPoint on the Web
Remote Presentations
How to start a Presentation Broadcast
How to create a Video
How to publish your presentation as a PDF or XPS
About hyperlinks in a presentation
Add, edit, and remove hyperlinks in a presentation
How to create a hyperlink in a presentation
How to create an email hyperlink in a presentation
How to change a hyperlink destination
How to Change hyperlink text
How to remove the hyperlink, but not the text or object that represents it
How to remove a hyperlink and the text or object that represents it
Set a hyperlink base for a presentation

7: Using Macros in PowerPoint
Automating tasks you perform frequently
How to Show the Developer Tab
How to create a new macro
How to edit a Macro
How to run a macro
How to delete a Macro
How to attach a macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
How to check presentations for macros that might contain viruses

8: Sharing and Co-Authoring
Sharing and Co-authoring
About OneDrive


Delegates should have attended Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 1.