Microsoft Excel 365 Level 2



About the course

  • Open and create templates in Microsoft Excel
  • Work with different worksheet views
  • Visualise your data with charts
  • Use advanced functions
  • Work with Excel tables
  • Work with structured references
  • Create conditional formatting

Audience Profile 

Delegates will learn about some of the functions and tools that allow them to use Microsoft Excel as an analysis tool. Delegates who have little or no experience of Microsoft Excel, delegates will learn the fundamentals of Excel so that they can do basic but key tasks in the application.

Course Details

  • Course Ref: MSE365L2
  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Course Location: Virtual Classroom
  • Course Dates: 2 September 2024
  • Course Price: ¬£195+VAT


Delegates who are familiar with Microsoft Excel and can already create basic functions.


Excel Templates

Using templates
Creating an Excel Personal template
Deleting an Excel Personal template

Excel Setup and Viewing Options

Arrange all workbooks
Zooming the view
Hiding columns
Unhiding rows / columns

Excel Charts

Chart types
Inserting charts
Changing the chart type
Adding or removing chart elements
Adding or removing data series
Formatting chart elements
Switching Rows / Columns
Deleting a chart

Excel Functions and Formulas

Functions vs formulas
Function structure
Entering Excel functions
Nested functions
3-D references

Excel Date & Time Functions

DATEVALUE function
TODAY function
NOW function
DAY function
MONTH function
YEAR function

Excel Mathematical Functions

SUMIF function
SUMIFS function
ROUND function
ROUNDUP function
ROUNDDOWN function

Excel Statistical Functions

COUNT function
COUNTA function
COUNTIF function
COUNTIFS function

Excel Logical Functions

IF function
IFS function
IFERROR function
LAMBDA function

Excel Lookup Functions

XLOOKUP function

Excel Table Formatting

Why use Excel tables?
Create a table
Structured references
Structured reference syntax
Constructing structured references

Excel Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting
Highlight cells rules
Icon sets
Colour scales
Use a formula to determine which cells to format