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The University is committed to creating life changing opportunities for staff as well as students. As such, with the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Levy, the University has taken the opportunity to utilise apprenticeships in a range of specialist areas. Offering apprenticeships is not something new to the organisation, having offered apprenticeships within the maintenance team for a number of years.

In October this year, the University engaged MTC Training as an apprenticeship provider for Business Administration apprenticeships. The apprenticeships have been offered as apprenticeship roles, advertised via vacancies that exist within the University structure, as well as apprenticeship training for existing staff as a means of accessing staff development opportunities.

The apprenticeship programme is very flexible and whilst training individuals to develop and enhance administration skills, there are also opportunities to tailor training programmes to specialist areas such as Human Resources. Shannon Walker, HR Administrator Apprentice (pictured above, left) is undertaking Level 3 in Business Administration and has been able to tailor units studied, to include topics such as Administer Human Resource records and Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. This tailoring allows Shannon to become a well-rounded administrator as well as the Human Resources department, in which her role is situated, employing and developing a member of staff who understands the context of Human Resources as a function.

Shannon has said of her experience so far:

“I believe apprenticeships are a great way for people to learn and grow within a business. My manager takes a strong interest in my personal development, she meets with me regularly to keep track of my progress and is always enthusiastic to show me new ways of learning.”

Abbey Cooper (pictured above, right), joined the University in July as a Business Support Assistant having undertaken Business Administration training previously, and wanted to move to the next level of training via an Apprenticeship training programme. She has just embarked on a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship training programme. Abbey’s line manager, feels that “It’s a great opportunity for Abbey and one that she is fully committed to and that we will fully support her in achieving the qualification”.

The approach by MTC training is very collaborative with the learner, assessor and line manager involved in the initial induction process and skills assessment. Agreeing units and assessment is also very collaborative. Regular meetings take place between the learner and assessor as well as progress updates that also incorporate the line manager. Communication is easy, and the whole process so far has felt well organised and professional. As a result we have just agreed a cohort of a further four apprentices who will undertake Level 3 and Level 4 Business Administration apprenticeship programmes via MTC Training.




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