Believe! The Psychology of persuasive Presentations

Believe! The Psychology of persuasive Presentations
Presentation is lighting a fire, not filling a bucket
Engage your audience - ignite interest, kindle curiosity, spark belief.
It’s All About The Audience
If they buy into you and your product, you win. So this workshop is your ABC guide to
giving your audience what they need – and to getting what you want.
Attention – can you get it and keep it? Your proposal needs to be clear and
compelling. If you know the rules of attention, you can make sure that your
key points cut through.
Belief – are you credible? Your track-record and honesty are important
factors but so, too, is the language you use. The right words in the right place
at the right time can work wonders.
Care – can you get them to want what you want? People will only act if you
can spark some emotional involvement in your offer. The way you structure
your points and the language you use are the keys to firing them up.
During this one day course we cover audience psychology, structure, content, language choice, rhetoric, and delivery, and you’ll get the chance to integrate each new technique into your presentation. We finish with the new, improved version of your presentation, incorporating your new techniques, insights and strategies.
You’ll walk away with the complete presentations toolkit. Tools you can use from day one. Tools that will help you stand out.
Our Presentation coach has worked with all kinds of companies: ad agencies
preparing client pitches, firms pitching to venture capitalists, and award-winning startups.
His clients have gone on to win presentation awards, multi-million euro investments,
and given speeches at the G8 Summit.

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