Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3


Learn to protect documents
Use Excel worksheet functions and advanced table features and formats
Use advanced document enhancements such as graphics, special characters and watermarks.
Use advanced reviewing techniques and skills.


1 Day

Target Audience

At this level participants will learn the more advanced features of Word that involve technical elements of document editing and sharing/reviewing features. It also covers working with graphics, advanced use of tables and an introduction to macros and automation.


Delegates should have an understanding of any of the following operating systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/7/8/10



1: Sorting and Merging Text and Data
Protect Document

2: Working With Formulas, Worksheets, and Charts
Calculating in Tables
Using Formulas
Using Worksheets
Creating and Modifying Worksheets
Embedding Existing Excel Worksheets
Working with Charts
Importing and Copying Data into a Datasheet

3: Introduction to Macros
Recording and Running Macros
Managing Macros
Deleting Macros

4: Enhancing Documents
Working with Graphics
Modifying Graphics
Positioning and Deleting Graphic
Using Advanced Enhancement Techniques
Inserting Special Characters
Inserting Watermarks
Formatting First Pages

5: Reviewing Documents
About saving versions of a document
Document Compare
Tracking Changes
Shared workspace

Appendix A: New Features in Word 2016
The Office 2016 Interface
The Word Screen
The Ribbon
Dialogue box launchers
Contextual Tabs
Customise the Ribbon
The Mini toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar
Using the keyboard (Key Tips in v2016)
Other New Features In Word 2016
File Menu Options
Screen Views and Document Navigation
New Graphics features
Sharing Documents
Touch Access
Tell Me Feature
Working Together
Ink Equations
Version History




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