Oracle SQL Fundamentals

Oracle SQL Fundamentals


The Oracle SQL Fundamentals course is designed to give delegates practical experience in writing
Oracle SQL statements and scripts. A wide range of SQL functions and data manipulation
statements are introduced.


5 Days

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to use and understand Oracle SQL to query and update data in an Oracle

Skills Gained

The delegates will practise:

. Creating Oracle SQL statements to query database tables
. Using standard aggregate functions and related SELECT statement clauses
. Implementing extended SQL functions
. Joining Tables
. Using subqueries
. Creating and altering tables and views
. Inserting, updating and deleting rows in database tables
. Retrieving Data Using Correlated Subqueries, In-Line Views and Multi-Column Subqueries
. Using the WITH Clause
. Inserting and Updating Rows Using Complex Subqueries
. Creating Hierarchical Queries
. Using ROLLUP, CUBE and GROUPING SETS Group By Enhancements
. Implementing the GROUPING and GROUPING_ID Functions
. Managing Large Data Sets
. Inserting Data Conditionally and Unconditionally
. Merging Rows in a Table
. Creating TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL Datatypes
. Using TIMESTAMP, TIMEZONE and INTERVAL Functions and Literals
. Using Regular Expressions and Implementing Related Functions
. Managing Objects with the Data Dictionary
. Managing Schema Objects
. Performing Flashback Operations
. Creating and Using External Tables
. Controlling User Access to Database Objects

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