Brand new bonus for employers - 18th August 2020

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a “brand new bonus” for employers to hire apprentices over the next six months.

From August to January, any firm that hires a new young apprentice aged 16 to 24 will receive £2,000, while those that hire new apprentices aged 25 and over will be paid £1,500.

Announcing the incentives during his summer statement, Sunak told the House of Commons:

We know apprenticeships work. Ninety-one per cent stay in work or go on to further training. For the next six months we are going to pay employers to create new apprenticeships.”

We will pay businesses to hire young apprentices with a new payment of £2,000 per apprentice and we will introduce a brand new bonus for businesses to hire apprentices aged 25 and over with a payment of £1,500

Apprenticeships are an exceptional way to develop skills of either new recruits or existing employees with many employers utilising their levy or the 95% government funding. With the launch of MTC Training (University of Sunderland) new apprenticeship standards along with the new employer incentives there has never been a better time to complete an apprenticeship.

Programmes available at MTC Training:

Customer Service Practitioner

Customer Service Specialist

Team Leader / Supervisor

Business Administrator


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