Virtual Classroom - 20th April 2020


We have introduced a new platform to deliver our courses online via a virtual classroom.

MTC Training Virtual Classroom provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

There is no software to install just the following requirements:


The recommended browsers are:

Desktop/Laptop: Firefox

Mobile iOS (12.2+): Safari

Mobile Android (6.0+): Firefox

At this time IE and EDGE browsers are not supported browsers.

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements:

For the all users, we recommend (a minimum of)

0.5 Mbits/sec upload bandwidth

1.0 Mbits/sec download bandwidth

The same bandwidth recommendations apply to mobile devices:

For data network, we recommended 4G LTE for best results or minimum 3G Network to use audio, view presentation content and receive screen sharing.

For connection via wireless, we recommend private versus public networks where possible.

The following settings are recommended for all users connecting to MTC Virtual Classroom via desktop or laptop devices:

A laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 2G of memory and a 1Ghz processor

We recommend reducing device usage while connecting to MTC Virtual Classroom; close applications that may run in the background and reduce browsing activities.

For audio, we strongly recommend using a headset. A headset will ensure that others can hear your voice clearly and you don’t cause echo or background noise for others. You do not need to buy an expensive one -- any basic headset with a built-in microphone will work.  


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